Arduino UNO Starter Pack

Arduino UNO R3 Starter Pack
Arduino UNO R3 StarterpackArduino UNO R3 StarterpackArduino UNO R3 StarterpackArduino UNO R3 Starterpack
Price: $18.99

This is the kit you will need for starting out in Arduino. It includes the basic items you will need to begin to use the Arduino UNO.

It has an input to the UNO and an output from the UNO. From here, you can learn to do multiple projects. This starter kit inlcudes an Arduino UNO, a Joystick module for the input, an 8x8 LED dot matrix for the output and jumper wires to connect everything together. There is NO soldering required at all, everything is connected via the wire jumpers.

There are plenty of tutorials on the net for how to use the joystick and the LED dot matrix.

The only thing you will need is a USB cable from your computer to the UNO. It uses the USB Type-A to Type-B cable, which is also known as the standard USB Printer cable.

Once you master the UNO, the joystick and dot matrix can be used on other Arduino controllers, such as the Leonardo or the Mega560 of the Due or the Nano.