Atmega328P Breakout Board - Blank

Atmega328P Breakout Board - Blank
Atmega328P Breakout Board - Populated
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This PCB is a small-profile development module for the Atmega328p. It has all of the I/O pins available via Scrrew Terminals. It has room for the Crystal & Caps needed for the Atmega.

You can use this as a final product for your main projects. Design your program on any other device, such as an Arduino UNO, and then transfer the IC to this PCB.

Te BLANK PCB contains access to the 14 Digital pins, D0 thru D13, the Analog input pins, A0 thru A5 and the Reset pin, along with Power and Ground. All of these are available at the edge of the PCB and can be directly wired or can be populated with Screw Terminals.

It has an on-board 5v Voltage Regulator. The input voltage can be anywhere from 7.5vdc to 15vdc. If you need a higher input voltage, change the three Aluminum Caps for a higher voltage rating.

There are two mounting holes. The PCB is 3.10" x 1.75", FR-4 expoxy glass, 0.062" which is double-sided, Plated Thru-Holes.

Use your own parts to build this or buy them from us. We offer several different components that can be used  It is offered as a kit, or as a fully Built & Tested unit. 

Contact us for custom programs for this unit.