Arduino Code

This section contains Arduino Code that we have developed or adapted from various sources. It is available for you to use freely. To use in your project, copy the code located directly under the "Begin Code" and above the "End Code". 

To keep the code clean, all comments have been removed. Some code may have comments or explainations before the actual code.

All of the code listed here have been tested by us on our projects. No warrantees nor gaurantees of any sort are implied.

LED Flasher

Begin Code

int led = 13;
void setup() {               
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);    
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);  
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);  

 End Code


 Below are the schematics for various Blister Pack Kits.

 NF-1102 NF-1127 NF-1131  NF-1132  NF-1157  NF-1162  NF-1344
NF-1522 NF-1545 NF-1642  NF-1648 ------------  NF-1650  NF-1653
 NF-1655 NF-1660 NF-1664  NF-1665  NF-1666  NF-1690  -------------
 NF-1695  NF-1700 NF-1701 NF-1703 NF-1705  NF-1710 NF-1715
NF-1720 NF-1725 NF-1729  NF-1731  NF-1733  NF-1735  NF-1739
------------ NF-1743  NF-1745  NF-1747  NF-1748  NF-1750  NF-1751
 NF-1752  NF-1753  NF-1754  NF-1756  NF-1758  ------------ NF-1762
 NF-1764  NF-1766  NF-1767   ------------   NF-1768 NF-1771  NF-1772
 ------------ NF-1774 NF-1846 NF-2019 NF-2020 NF-2021 NF-2023
NF-2025 NF-2027 NF-2029 NF-2030 NF-2031 ------------ ------------
------------ NF-2035 ------------ NF-2045 ------------ NF-2050 NF-2055
NF-2060 NF-2063 NF-2065 NF-2068 NF-2069 NF-2070 ------------
NF-2071  NF-2072  NF-2073  NF-2074  NF-2075  NF-2076  NF-2077
NF-2078 ------------ NF-2090 NF-2104 NF-2106 NF-2107 NF-2111
NF-2112 NF-2113 NF-2114 NF-2118 NF-2119 ------------  NF-2121
 NF-2122  NF-2123  NF-2126  NF-2127  ------------  NF-2134  NF-2135
 NF-2142  NF-2143  NF-2157  NF-2162  NF-2163  NF-2167  ------------
 NF-2180 NF-2184  NF-2295  NF-2296  NF-2297  NF-2298 NF-2299
NF-2301 NF-2302 NF-2303 NF-2309 NF-3116 NF-3118 NF-3122
NF-3182 NF-3184 ------------  NF-3372  NF-3393  NF-3447 ------------
------------ ------------ NF-3743 NF-3768 ------------ ------------ NF-4110
NF-4128 NF-4168 NF-4290 ---------- NF-4302 NF-4308 NF-4314
 NF-4326 NF-4332  NF-4338 NF-4398 NF-4434 NF-4442 NF-4448
 NF-4454  NF-4460 NF-4466  NF-4472 NF-4478 NF-4484 NF-4490
---------- NF-4511 NF-4514 NF-4516 ---------- ----------  ----------
NF-4519 NF-4523  NF-4531 NF-4536 NF-4544  NF-4549 NF-4551
NF-4554 NF-4559 NF-4562  NF-4567 NF-4569 NF-4572 ----------