LED Arrows - Programmable Kit

LED Arrows - Programmable Kit
Price: $8.99

This is the PIC Arrows Kit. This fun kit consists of 3 sets of LEDs shaped as "Arrows" that are controlled by a PIC12F series microprocessor. Each set of arrows consists of 5 LEDs. There are also two available pushbutton switches as inputs to the PIC microprocessor for additional flexibility. The kit will operate with a voltage range from  6vdc to 12vdc.

This circuit may be used in dozens of applications where a pointer or direction marker is needed. It can be programmed to flash or blink or give the allusion of movement by scrolling. This is a very versatile circuit. Change the color of the LEDs for more effects.

If you are a PIC programmer, this is an excellent and low-cost PIC12F5xx development PCB. It uses 5 of the I/O as outputs and uses GP3 as an input via the switch. The PIC12F509 is in an 8-pin IC Socket so you can remove it to program it to do anything you want.

The PCB is 1.2" by 2.0" and is double-sided with plated thru-holes. It has soldermask on both sides and silkscreening on the top side.

You will get the PCB, Schematics, General Instructions, and all of the components to build the circuit. You will need construction tools, such as a soldering iron, solder, etc which are not provided.