LED Hangman Word-Game Kit

LED Hangman Word-Game Kit
LED Hangman Word-Game KitLED Hangman Word-Game Kit
Price: $12.99

Hangman Colors

Gallows Colors

This is the LED Hangman Word-Game Kit. It is a fun kit to make AND to use. Instead of drawing up the hangman, use this neat PCB game instead. 

It has an Easy mode and a Hard mode. Easy mode will allow 11 attemps to guess a letter, while Hard mode will only allow 8 guesses. If the number of attempts is reached, the man is hanged and flashes until the game is reset. 

A little black shorting jumper is used to select between Easy and Hard mode. It also has a reset button and the game can be reset at any time.

You can select the colors of the Hangman and the Gallows. The default colors are RED Hangman with YELLOW Gallows.

This kit is also offered as a Built & Tested for those that do not want to build the kit themselves. 

The PCB is 5.5" tall and 2" wide with 5mm (T 1 3/4) LEDs.