PIC Flame Detector Kit (#5183)

PIC Flame Detector Kit (#5183)
PIC Flame Detector Kit (#5183)PIC Flame Detector Kit (#5183)
Price: $6.99

This is the PIC Flame Detector Kit.  It consists of a PIC Microprocessor with 4 digital I/O outputs, a Voltage Regulator, a Flame Detector IC, and a Red LED indicator. It will detect a Flame, like from a cigarette lighter, and turn on all four outputs for 10 seconds. It will also turn on a Red LED when the outputs are active.

Use the digital outputs as a triggers for your other devices, such as, alarms, etc. The outputs are limited to 10mA each.

The PCB is 1.2" x 2.0". It has a PIC 12F509 processor which can be removed and reprogrammed by you. It works off a 9v battery which is not included or from a 12v car battery. It requires soldering and soldering tools which are not included.

You will get the PCB, Schematics, General Instructions, and all of the components to build the circuit. You will need construction tools, such as a soldering iron, solder, etc which are not provided.

Below is a detailed introduction to component identification and kit assembly.

General Instructions