QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - 7.023 MHz (40 Meters)

QRP CW Pixie Kit - 7.023 MHz
QRP CW Pixie Kit - 7.023 MHzQRP CW Pixie Kit - 7.023 MHz
Price: $8.99
This QRP CW Transceiver kit is an upgraded version of the classic "PIXIE 4" low-power transceiver.
This PIXIE 4.1 version has an added DC buzzer which will beep with the key action. This increases the beginner's transmittering fun. After installing the buzzer, it will consume about 20ma of current, you can decide whether to install it or not.

The transmit local oscillator frequency is fixed at 7.023MHz.

This is a kit that requires assembly, you will need the usual soldering tools.

The transmit power is approx  360mW (12V power supply). The PCB size is about 2 inches x 2 inches.

 We do offer this kit as a Built & Tested for those that do not want to build it themselves.