Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Soil Moisture Sensor Hygrometer Detection Module for Arduino
Price: $2.99

The module can detect the soil moisture level into the soil. It can be used in automatic watering systems.

When the Soil is dry, the output voltage value goes lower and when the Soil has more moisture, the output voltage value gets higher. This can be used with an Arduino to alert you when the soil is dry.

Features: 2 gold probes, rust-proof ability, long life Analog value output Detection depth 37mm Specification: Power supply voltage VCC:3.3--5.5V(Typical 5V) Current (@ VCC = 5V):30mA Output pin pull-up current (@ VCC = 3V, VOH = 2.4V): 4mA Size: 42x24x7.2mm Weight: 4g Package Include: 1* Soil Moisture Sensor