14-Watt Guitar Amplifier with Baxandall Tone Stack Kit (#5887)

14-Watt Guitar Amplifier with Baxandall Tone Stack Kit (#5887)
14-Watt Guitar Amplifier with Baxandall Tone Stack Kit (#5887)14-Watt Guitar Amplifier with Baxandall Tone Stack Kit (#5887)
Price: $28.50

Enclosure selection.

This kit is a very clean-sounding 14-watt Guitar Amplifier. This is great for learning new songs or just playing along with your favorite music.

It will accept your guitar input via a 1/4" phono jack. The guitar sound is then routed thru a Baxandall Tone Stack with Bass and Treble controls. It is then fed to a pre-amplifier prior to going into a 14-Watt audio amplifier. Connect the output to your speaker cabinet for a neat experience. It will drive a 4 or 8 Ohm speaker, 10watts or better. The PCB is is approx 3.8" wide x 4.8" deep.

The output is available at a 1/4" jack AND at an RCA jack. You get both in the kit.

The operating voltage is 12vdc. It has a 3300uF Capacitor on the input power for additional filtering. You will need a 12vdc power supply capable of delivering at least 2 amps, a 20-watt or better power supply will work just fine. A wall-mount power supply that is not regulated may produce hum, avoid them if you can.

This is a kit. You will need soldering tools and supplies. A speaker is required, none is supplied.

We also offer this as a Built & Tested unit for those that do not want to build it themselves.

This kit is also available with an enclosure for a professional look. The enclosure is a Grey ABS-plastic Hammond box with black end panels. If the enclosure option is selected, the kit will include colored knobs, a power switch, a power input jack, output terminals, and LED mounting. The end panels are not predrilled and will need holes drilled in them to mount off-board pieces.