UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297)

UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297)
UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297)UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297)UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297)
Price: $9.99

This is the UFO 18 LED Landing Lights (#2297). This fun kit consists of 18 LEDs in an oval shape controlled by a PIC Microprocessor, the PIC16F57. This kit lights up 2 LEDs on each end and quickly rotates them around. The effect is a rotating beacon that is mesmerizing. It will go great with UFO models and such.

If you are a PIC programmer, this is an excellent and low-cost PIC development PCB. It can accommodate any 28-pin PIC processor in the 28-pin skinny package. This circuit uses 18 of the I/O as outputs and the other 2 as inputs. There is a 28-pin IC Socket so you can remove it to program it to do anything you want. There is a youtube pix of it in action. SW 1 and SW2 is not used in the stock Program. They were put in to accomidate future programs.

The PCB is 1.2" by 2.0" and is double-sided with plated thru-holes. It has soldermask on both sides and silkscreening on the top side.

You will get the PCB, Schematics, and all of the components to build the circuit. You will need construction tools, such as a soldering iron, solder, etc which are not provided.