Adjustable Alternating 3 Relays Kit, 5v (#5418)

Adjustable Alternating 3 Relays 5V PIC Kit (#1079)
Adjustable Alternating 3 Relays 5V PIC Kit (#1079)Adjustable Alternating 3 Relays 5V PIC Kit (#1079)
Price: $13.99

Adjustable Alternating 3 Relays 5V PIC Kit (#5418

This will turn ON one Relay at a time, while the others are OFF, then turn ON the next Relay, while all the others are OFF and so forth. It will then go to the first one and repeat the process as long as power is applied.

The ON-Time is adjustable from 1 second to 4 minutes. Contact us for different times. There is a Jumper on board that will allow you to double the ON Times. The ON-Times are controlled by a Microchip PIC microprocessor.

For those with Microchip PIC programming experience, the PIC12F510 may be removed and re-programmed as desired.

The Relay contacts are rated for 7 Amps @ 125VAC. The contacts are Form C with a COM, NO & NC outputs available. The Relay is either a 833 or JS1 series. There is a LED on board that comes on whenever the Relay comes on. The input power is 5vdc. The Relay coil is 5v.

The kit is also offered as a "Built & Tested" for those that do not want to build it themselves.

The PCB is 1.9" x 4.0", made out of .062", FR-4, 2-Layer, 1-ounce copper. It has 3 mounting holes.