American Police Siren w/ Bullhorn & Power Supply (B&T)

American Police Siren
American Police Siren
Price: $35.99

This is the fully-functional American Siren with Bullhorn with power supply. This unit will produce a very loud sound very similar to an American Police siren. It  uses two LM555 Timers to create this sound which has two adjustments. One adjustment is for varying the rise and fall times and the other is for varying the tone. Use this anywhere you would like the sound of an American Police siren.

The PCB is a small 1.20" long x 2.20" wide and has four mounting holes.

The PA Horn is an MPI-8 8-Ohm speaker rated for 15 Watts peak. It comes with a metal tilt mounting base.

You will get a fully functional American Police Siren, a wall-mount power supply, and a PA Horn that will drive you crazy.

 Mount the PCB anywhere and put an on/off switch in series with the dc power from the provided power supply and run the PA Horn to where it will cause the most havoc. This will definitely get everyone's attention. Have fun!!