Arduino Nano LED Flasher Kit (#6695)

Arduino Nano LED Flasher Kit
Arduino Nano LED Flasher Kit
Price: $14.99

Arduino Nano LED Flasher Kit

This 14-LED Nano Controller Kit will allow you to plug in your Arduino Nano and program your own patterns for 14 Jumbo, 10mm Leds. This is a kit and will include all the pieces needed to assemble the kit such as the LEDs, Resistors, Transistors, Capacitors, Switches and Female Headers to plug your own Arduino Nano into.

You will need standard soldering supplies and tools.

You get a choice of colors with RED being the default color. You can solder the LEDs on top or bottom of the PCB.

The kit can be powered from 9vdc to 12vdc. The kit comes with a 2 pin screw terminal for the power supply to be connected. We have a few demo videos of this kit on our Youtube Channel. Search "" and subscribe.

This is the first kit where you can actually use the Arduino Nano in a project. This kit does not includ the Arduino Nano, but it is available as an option..