PCB Repair

We now offer expert, out-of-warranty, PCB repair services for virtually all types of Home, Commercial and Industrial electronics. Quite often, a device will quit working for minor reasons such as a broken connector, bad solder joint, worn out part, etc. Replacing that same PCB can be either impossible to acquire or ridiculously expensive. There is a very good chance that we can repair it and get you back on the road again.
Our rates are extremely reasonable and our delivery time is quick. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to repair the following:
Ham Radios - This includes tube and solid state components. Receivers, Transmitters, any band.
CB Radios - All types and models, this includes mobile and fixed station units to include Linears.
Antique Radios - This includes vintage radios built in the 1930's and up.
Home Entertainment - Wide range of types and models, we do NOT repair TVs, nor VCRs at this time.
Power Amplifiers - All types, including Home & Car Stereos and Car Power Amplifiers.
Intercoms - All types.
Appliance PCBs - All types.
Hobby Electronics - If it has a PCB in it, give us a shot at it. 
Electric Fences - All types and models.
Automotive Components -  We can service a good deal of what's inside your vehicle. Give us a call.
Our experience is in repairing PCBs that are in these types of equipment and more. We can repair many things, but there are some items that we simply can't repair. Call us to see if we can help.
Communications Equipment - Wide range of equipment. Our experience is in repairing Printed Circuit Boards. Call us to see if we can service your specific item.
Commercial Entertainment - All kinds, including Mixers, Amplifers, Intercoms, etc.
Industrial Control PCBs - A wide range of specialized units from hand-helds to fixed station equipment. This is one  of our main areas. We have repaired a vast assortment of devices from many different manfacturers.
Motor Drivers - AC & DC Motor Drivers from fractional HP and up. We are limited to devices requiring 220VAC and below.
Power Converters - AC to DC and DC to AC converters/inverters. Different sizes. RV Power Converters, etc.
Power Supplies - All types. Linears and Switchers. Hand-Held, wall-mount, bench top or mobile.
Amplifiers - All types, including Audio & RF Amplifiers. This is one of our main specialties.
Monitoring Equipment - All types. We have serviced equipment in a vast array of fields.
Large LED Displays - All types and sizes.
Equine Industry - We have repaired numerous Horse Blankets and such.
Many More - If it has a PCB in it, there's a good chance we can repair it. 
We can repair many things, but we cannot repair everything. Call us to see if we can help. Yes, we repair Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCBs. We do not repair Cell Phones, Laptops, nor Computers at this time; there are plenty of local folks that do that.
We have 3D printers and can make some of your broken pieces right at our location.
All of our work is done by experienced, school-trained Electronic Technicians and supervised by a degreed Electrical Engineer. We have combined experiences of over a hundred years in various areas, both Military and Commercial. All of our present Electronic Technicians, including the Engineer, are Ham Radio licensed and each holds a valid commercial FCC License.
A great deal of our repairs are done to items we have never seen before, or the owner had no idea it could be repaired. Our experience and training allow us to tackle most PCBs.
All of our repair work is for out-of-warranty PCBs and we warranty what we repair. If your device is still in warranty, call your seller for support. If they are not able or willing, call us.