Resistor - Carb Film

Here you will find the standard 5% Carbon Film Thru-Hole resistors. Available in 1/2 Watt, 1/4 Watt, and 1/8 Watt. There are approximately 170 different values of 5% resistors which have been divided into 4 ranges: Lower range is from 0.0 Ohms to 47 Ohms. Mid1 range is from 51 Ohms to 3.0 K-Ohms. Mid2 range is from 3.3 K-Ohms to 180 K-Ohms. Upper range is from 200 K-Ohms to 10 M-Ohms. Some kits include 15 M-Ohms and 22 M-Ohms. For SMT Resistor Kits please go to the SMT Resistors category.