LED Cross Crucifix Kit - 3mm (#5785)

LED Cross Crucifix 3mm
LED Cross Crucifix 3mmLED Cross Crucifix 3mmLED Cross Crucifix 3mm
Price: $5.00

This is the 3mm LED Crucifix / Cross Kit. This fun & easy kit consists of a NightFire-designed PCB with room for 12 small (3mm) LEDs in the shape of a Crucifix. The LEDs are all in parallel so that to your circuit, it will act as a single LED. If no color is selected the default color is Red.

The circuit was designed for maximum flexibility so that you can power it at different voltages. Simply add a series resistor. Start with 470 Ohms when using a 9 volt battery and adjust the value from there. Remember, different color LEDs work at slightly different voltages and slightly different currents.

This PCB is 1.5" tall by 1.0 " wide. There is a small hanging hole at the top of the PCB so that you can dangle it.

The kit is also available as a "Built & Tested" for those that do not want to build it themselves.

This Kit is Arduino Compatible.