SMT Resistors for Jewelry & Steampunk Craft Supplies

SMT Jewelry
SMT Jewelry CraftSMT Jewelry CraftSMT Jewelry CraftSMT Jewelry CraftSMT Jewelry Craft
Price: $2.50

This is a small plastic vial with over 600 small electronic SMT components that you can use in your resin jewelry making. Make your friends "High-Tech" jewelry with real components.

It contains a random selection of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components that are used in practically every electronic device made on earth. There are different types, like Resistors & Capacitors, and different sizes and different colors.

The vial weighs from 14 to 18 grams, depending on the size of the components. All vials will have random components.

Imagine the beautiful designs you can create with these unique parts.