Ghost Detector (Cross) - 1 piece

Ghost Detector Array (Cross) - 1 piece
Price: $8.99

This is the Ghost Detector Cross - 1 piece. This consists of a sensor that can be used as stand alone "Ghost" Detectors or combined as an array to cover much greater areas. You get a ultra-sensitive EMF Detector that can be used in your Paranormal investigations. You will be amazed at what these devices can detect. With some experimenting, you can discover when and where to place the Ghost Detector for the best results. These are small enough that you can place them almost anywhere. The LED will come on as long as it detects a presence. It can come on briefly or stay lit longer, depending on the electrical fields in the area. You will get 1 built & tested device. The detector will require one 9v Battery; there are no batteries included with this set.

For those technical folks (and I'm one) this circuit is a three-stage, un-tuned, wideband, Darlington LED amplifier. There are no pulse-stretching circuits to extend the LED On-time. If there is enough energy present to forward bias the first stage, then all hell will break loose, figuratively speaking, of course. Under right conditions, it can pick up your aura (static electricity) as you walk across your rug.

We cannot be held responsible for whatever may be conjured up by this, you're on your own. If you feel a cold chill and the LED turns super bright and stays on ... run!