Laser Pointer Remote Trigger Kit (#6775)

Laser Pointer Remote Trigger Kit
Price: $8.50

This is a unique kit that consists of a small round PCB with a Photocell and a voltage comparator. It will output a logic-level (5v) high whenever the photocell is engaged. As long as the photocell has a laser light shining on it, the output will remain high. It will work with different color lasers and with regular white light, as well.

The circuit will accept from 5vdc to 15vdc power input. The output is 5vdc. There is also an ambient light sensitivity potentiometer for sensitivity. The photocell can be mounted on the top or bottom side.

The output can feed any device that is looking for a +5vdc input. This includes Arduino, PIC microprocessors, and many more items. This kit can act as a remote trigger for many devices.

The PCB is 2" round with 4 mounting holes. FR4 expoxy glass, 0.063", double-sided, plated thru-holes, solder mask with silk screening.

This is a kit and you will need common solder tools and supplies to assemble it. We also offer a Built & Tested version for those that do not build it themselves. There is a free, 22-page General Instructions PDF available on this home page that is great for beginners on how to identify electronic parts and how to read schematics.



Here is a youtube video of the unit working. In the video I am shining a flashlight at the device showing the change in voltage when Light is aimed directly at the sensor. This unit can used a simple LDR switch for many applications.