LED Bullseye Kit

LED Bullseye Kit
LED Bullseye KitLED Bullseye Kit
Price: $19.99

This is the fully-functional LED Bullseye Kit. This is a neat device that lights up 25 LEDs in a Spiral sequence. The circuit includes an adjustment for speeding up or slowing down the LEDs. Use this in a bunch of different places.

You can remote the LEDs to get your own special effects. Try putting in different colors of LEDs for even greater effects. This kit will come fully assembled and ready to go.

Select the color of LED you like, if no color is selected, the default color is RED. Contact us if you would like to have different color combinations.

The PCB is 3.5" square and has four mounting holes.

You will get a wall-mount power supply to power the device and a fully functional unit. The unit does not come with an enclosure, this will be up to you to place it anywhere you desire.