LED Cross Crucifix Kit - 3mm - 100 pieces

LED Cross Crucifix Kit - 3mm  100 - pcs
LED Cross Crucifix Kit - 3mm  100 - pcsLED Cross Crucifix 3mm
Price: $20.00

This is the 3mm LED Crucifix / Cross PCB.

The circuit was designed for maximum flexibility so that you can power it at different voltages. Simply add a series resistor. Start with 470 Ohms when using a 9 volt battery and adjust the value from there. They can be powered with 3 vdc or higher.

There is room for 12 LEDs which are wired in parallel. This means you can populate only the ones you want or all 12 of them. There are no LEDs provided with this purchase.

This PCB is 1.5" tall by 1.0 " wide. There is a small hanging hole at the top of the PCB so that you can dangle it.

This Kit is Arduino Compatible.