LED Dummy Alarm Kit

LED Dummy Alarm Kit
LED Dummy Alarm Kit LED Dummy Alarm Kit LED Dummy Alarm Kit
Price: $5.99

This is the LED Dummy Alarm Kit. This is a neat circuit in a very small footprint (1.0" x 2.0") that will flash an LED once every 4 seconds. The LED on time is adjustable from about 1 second down to a brief flash.

Use this to simulate an active alarm or for anything else that requires a flashing LED. The 4-second time is fixed. Comes with a 9v battery clip, but can operate from 5vdc to 16vdc. Comes with a Jumbo 10mm RED LED, but you may select other colors instead. This is a very simple circuit to build.

The PCB is double-sided, plated thru-hole, 1.0" long x 2.0" wide made of .062" FR-4 epoxy glass. It has Green Solder Mask (LPI) on both sides with white Silk Screen on the Top side. It includes 4 mounting holes.

This is a kit and must be assembled. It does not include the tools you will need to assemble the circuit. You will need tools such as a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, etc.

This kit is also offered with a "Built & Tested" option for those that do not want to build the kit themselves.