LED Dummy Alarm Set (#10611)

LED Dummy Alarm Kit
LED Dummy Alarm Kit LED Dummy Alarm Kit LED Dummy Alarm Kit
Price: $35.99

This is the LED Dummy Alarm Set. This is a neat circuit in a very small footprint (1.0" x 2.0") that will flash a 10mm Jumbo LED once every 4 seconds. The LED "on" time is adjustable from about 1 second down to a brief flash.

Use this to simulate an active alarm or for anything else that requires a flashing LED. The 4-second time is fixed. You will get 6 sets of these to place throughout your Man Cave.

This set comes with 6 completely functional and ready to use units and each unit will come with its own 9v battery snap. You can power the units with anywhere from 6v to 16vdc. 9 volts ~ 12 volts is typical. Use individual batteries or run dc power to each one.

Comes with Jumbo 10mm RED LEDs, but you may select other colors instead. Call us if you would like color combinations or if you would like the LED with extend wires. We can customize this to your liking.