LED Halo Kit 1.6" OD (#11765)

LED Halo Kit 1.6" OD
LED Halo Kit 1.6"LED Halo Kit 1.6"
Price: $6.99

LED size.

LED Halo Kit 1.6" OD

This neat kit is 1.6" outside diameter and 1.0" inside diameter. The ring is 0.30" wide. It has 12 LEDs which are wired as 2-in-series with a resistor. Each set is in parallel (6 sets of 2 LEDs).  

The PCB is 0.062" thick, FR-4 epoxy-glass, Plated Thru-Holes, Silk Screen on top layer, and Blue Solder Mask. It will operate from 6v  to 12 VDC. The PCB will fit 5mm or 3mm LEDs.

It comes as a kit and must be assembled. Includes a 9v Battery Clip. There is also an option to buy it already Built & Tested. Select the color you want, RED is the default color.

Here is a Demo of the Kit lit up