LED Scoreboard with Walnut Faceplate (#5624)

LED Scoreboard with Walnut Faceplate (#5624)
LED Scoreboard with Walnut Finish Faceplate (#5624)LED Scoreboard with Walnut Finish Faceplate (#5624)LED Scoreboard with Walnut Finish Faceplate (#5624)Scoreboard - LED Up & Down Counter Kit (#4192)
Price: $75.00

This is the Deluxe Large Scoreboard LED Up/Down Counter Display Kit. This fun and very practical kit consists of a 2-digit , microprocessor-controlled UP/DOWN counter with RESET.

It has three separate screw-terminal inputs, RESET, UP, & DOWN, which are looking for a switch to ground. The power comes in on a 2-pin screw terminal and can be anywhere from 9vdc to 15vdc. This kit will run off of a 9v Battery.

There are 50 jumbo 8mm LEDs and each number is 3 1/2  inches high by 1 3/4 inches wide. The total width of the two numbers, including the spacing between them is 4 inches height is 6'' each number. The visibility is well over 100 feet. The Walnut faceplate is 7.25" wide x 9.5" high x .75" deep.

The counter will start at zero upon initial power. For better readability, the Tens digit is always off when the Ones digit is from zero to 9. The kit comes in 6 different colors, please select the color you want. The default color is RED.

The software has built-in debounce protection to avoid double entries.

The counter will count up all the way to 99, then rollover to 0 and continue to count from there. The counter can count down from 99 to 0 and thru 0 back to 99.

The RESET will bring you to 0 from any count.

It uses a Microchip PIC16F57 as the processor and it comes in an IC socket which means you can take it out and re-program it to your needs. We can custom program the numbers to count in any fashion you desire.

This device can be driven by an Arduino.

The PCB is 4 1/4 inches wide by 6 inches high. FR-4 epoxy-glass, .062", double-sided, plated-thru holes. There are also four mounting holes.

You will get the PCB, Schematics, General Instructions, and all of the components to build the circuit. You will need construction tools, such as a soldering iron, solder, etc which are not provided.

Below is a youtube video of our unit in action. Please be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel (vakits.com ) for more demonstration videos and tutorials