LED Triple Lightning Effect Kit - 10mm (#13331)

LED Triple Lightning Effect Kit - 10 mm led display
Price: $10.99
LED Triple Lightning Effect Kit
Fun and Easy kit to assemble. This circuit emulates random flashes of lightning with 3  Ultra Bright Clear WHITE 10mm LED. Use this kit to create a lighting storm in your displays and set ups. 
The two out side LEDs flash for about 3 seconds. Then there is a 5 second pause. The the center Led flashes for about 3 second and this pattern repeats.  Great for Led Landing project and displays It comes with all the components and PCB with schematic ready for you to build.
Option available for Pre assembled. 
The Kit comes with a 9 Volt battery Clip for easy power access. Battery not included
Choose your color of LEDs
This kit can run off of 9V to 12V DC
We are an American company and ship out of  Ocala Fl.