PCB version of Solderless Breadboard - 830 Points (#11687)

PCB version of Solderless Breadboard - 830 Points (#11687)
Price: $6.50

This is the PCB version of the very popular 830-point Solderless Breadboard.

The Solderless Breadboard PCB is 2.2" wide by 6.5" long and has the exact same layout. It is made of FR4 epoxy glass, 94VO rating, Plated Thru Holes, and is 0.062" thick. It has the same markings of letters and numbers.

The holes are 0.038 which is slightly larger than a normal prototype PCB so that you can place larger leaded parts in it.

Build your circuit on a regular Solderless Breadboard, fine tune it, then transfer that to the PCB so you have a permanent record of your working circuit. Now you can re-use your regular Solderless Breadboard while you have an exact copy of it.