SMT Adjustable Power Supply Kit (#2246)

SMT Adjustable Power Supply Kit (#9999)
SMT Adjustable Power Supply Kit (#9999)
Price: $9.99

This SMT Adjustable +Voltage Power Supply Project Kit is designed around the LM317M 3-Terminal Adjustable Voltage Regulator in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) DPAK package. It is capable of supplying in excess of 500 milli-Amps over a range of 1.2 volts to 25 volts output. This kit is all SMT and consists of the PCB, Schematics, and SMT parts required to build a 500 milli-Amp (or more), highly regulated Adjustable DC Power Supply. It has an SMT Potentiometer for output voltage adjustment and also has an SMT LED on the output.

It requires an input AC or DC voltage source (3 V to 20V) from a transformer, such as a wall-mount type. Do not connect this PCB directly to your AC Power Line. The output can be varied from around 1.2VDC up to 25 VDC depending on the input voltage and the choice of resistors. The output voltage is very steady and accurate even while the input voltage varies. A heat sink is not required.

The maximum input voltage is 18VAC or 35VDC. Do not connect this directly to the 120VAC line.

This kit is also offered as a "Built & Tested" for those that do not want to build the kit themselves.

You will need soldering tools and basic soldering skills. This circuit is perfect for those that want their own small but powerful power supply. It can be used on the bench or as part of your project. It is small enough to fit in robotic vehicles and such. The PCB is 1.2" x 2.2", double-sided, .062", FR-4, with Silk Screening on the Top Side. The circuit is just a little over half-an-inch high when it is built, 0.55".