Sound Controlled Relay Kit - 9v

Sound Controlled Relay Electronic Hobby Kit
Sound Controlled Relay KitSound Controlled Relay KitSound Controlled Relay Kit
Price: $12.99

This is the Sound-Controlled Relay Kit. This is a Relay controlled by any external sound picked up via an on-board Electret Microphone. The sound level is adjustable and the output timing is determined by a PIC microprocessor.

The PIC microprocessor, 12F509, can be reprogrammed by anyone familiar with the PIC. This is an excellent, low-cost PIC development PCB for 8-Pin Microchip microprocessors. The circuit also includes 2 independent pushbutton switches which may be used for programming. The sample program uses one of the switches. The PCB has a small footprint so that you can put it in small places such as in Models and Robotics.

The Relay is an 833H or JS-1 series SPDT relay with Form 1C contacts rated for 7 Amps @ 250VAC. It has a 9VDC coil. The Relay contacts are Common, NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed). This means that the circuit can either turn a device ON for a set time period or turn a device OFF for a set time period.

The PCB is 1.3" by 2.2" and is double-sided with plated thru-holes. It has soldermask on both sides with silkscreening on the top. Thickness is 0.062".

The project can be built in one night. An 8-pin IC Socket is included in the kit so that you can remove and program the IC numerous times.

You will get the PCB, Schematics, General Instructions, and all of the components to build the circuit, including a pre-programmed microprocessor. You will need construction tools, such as a soldering iron, solder, etc which are not provided. 

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