TuneMatic Motorized Antenna Controller Lite

TuneMatic Motorized Antenna Controller
Price: $149.95

TuneMatic Lite is a self-contained, motorized antenna controller that stores and recalls up to 20 presets, based on user input. Antenna position is moved manually or automatically from memory, with extremely repeatable accuracy . – Supports any pulse counting antenna, – Up to 20 non-volatile memories to store and recall. – Memories accessed with a single rotary encoder/switch, – Adjustable current limit set with internal DIP switches; current limit setting range: 200-1900 mA, displayed guess-free on power-up, – 2 speed motor control in manual movement, for easy fine-tuning of antenna; motor control uses dynamic braking for dead-stopping of antenna, – Logic controlled pulse measurement for accuracy; provides accurate pulse counting capability up to 9998 counts, – Large 4 full digit 0.5”H x 1.5”W bright red LED display; LED displays memory, pulse count, and system messages, – Antenna ‘park’ feature, re-calibrates pulse count upon parking antenna, – Antenna polarity reversal selector, in case motor is wired backwards, – Missing pulse detection, stops movement when no pulses are detected on timeout, – Fused, filtered, polarity protected operation from 12v DC power source, – RFI protected antenna control lines, – Combined power and motor cable in single 3’ cord length, allows concealment of connections, – Compact, dashboard-sized enclosure (2.25”h x 4.25”w x 1.5”d) with mounting tabs on flush back.

CONTROLS: Power on/off electronic pushbutton UP/DOWN direction buttons Memory knob/push selector– selects memory and display closeupstores/tunes memories

Connections: Red & Black fused power leads 4-wire Motor control cable, pre-wired for TarHeel antennas