UFO / Search Lights 16 LED Chaser Kit (#13361)

Price: $16.99

 This is the UFO / Search Lights LED Sequencer/Chaser Kit . This is a neat circuit that has 16 low-profile Right/Angle Red or Yellow LEDs. It starts by having 2 LEDs on one side and 2 LEDs on the opposite side light up. Then they begin rotating in a counter-clockwise  pattern. This gives a great optical display simulating a Search Light or a set of UFO landing lights.

You can select either RED or YELLOW LEDS. The height of the kit is 0.36" from the top of the PCB to the top of the hightest component. This makes it a very low-profile kit that can be made to fit in tight places.

There are 16, 3mm, Right-Angle LEDs driven by a PIC Microprocessor. It runs off a 9v battery which is not included.

You can remote the LEDs to get your own special effects. Try putting in different colors of LEDs for even greater effects. This kit will come with a set of 16 LEDs.

This kit is also offered with a "Built & Tested" option for those that do not want to build the kit themselves.

The round PCB is double-sided, plated thru-hole, 3.1" around and made of .062" FR-4 epoxy glass. It has a white Solder Mask (LPI) on both sides with black Silk Screen lettering on the Top side. It includes one mounting hole. This kit does not include the tools you will need to assemble the circuit. You will need tools such as a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, etc.