QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - 7.040 MHz (40 Meters)

QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - 7.040 MHz (40 Meters)
QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - 7.040 MHz (40 Meters)QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - 7.040 MHz (40 Meters)
Price: $14.99
This is the NightFire Electronics version of the very popular QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit.
It is an upgraded version of the classic "PIXIE 4" low-power transceiver.
The oscillator is crystal controlled with a little room for tweeking via a silicon diode being used as a psuedo varactor diode. This gives you some wiggle room. 
The transmitter will put out 360mWatts into a 50-Ohm load with a clean 12vdc input. 
The receiver works by using the output transistor as a mixer/detector and feeds the received signal into an LM386 Audio Amplifier. This will feed an 8 Ohm, 1watt speaker nicely.
The Keyer is a switch to ground. The picture shows a simple push-button in its place, instead, it will come with a 2-pin screw terminal.
2-pin screw terminals are used for power input, Antenna output, Keyer input, and Audio Output.

The PCB size is 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches. Double-sided, .062" with Plated-Thru-Holes. The bottom side is a good solid ground plane for RF noise reduction.
This is a kit you have to put together. You will need the standard soldering tools and supplies to put it together.
We also offer a Built & Tested version for those that do not want to put it together themselves.